The ECS St Andrews student chapter is a group open to anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of solid state electrochemical science and technology, and building connections with other individuals in research and industry.

About us

The University of St Andrews is recognized as an institution which delivers world-class research in the field of electrochemistry. Concepts at the forefront of chemical and electrochemical research, such as the lithium-air battery, have been pioneered here and have allowed strong relationships with industrial collaborators to be forged.

With the support of the ECS, we aim to raise awareness of electrochemical research and increase networking between electrochemical research groups within our school. Furthermore, we believe that our student chapter will play an important role in encouraging students to join, engage with and take advantage of the benefits that the ECS offer, not just at the University of St Andrews, but also across the UK.

As a student chapter, we are planning to broaden the knowledge of electrochemistry school-wide through a number of channels. We plan to

  • establish an electrochemical seminar series, which allows students to showcase their research to the whole school
  • establish a series of guest lectures from academics in the school and from industrial experts
  • organize poster sessions and day-symposia to provide electrochemists with the chance to present their research and have critical discussions with other researchers in the area.

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